July 1, 2016 (Palau) Fridays in Palau are normally hectic with three or more events going on at the same time and this Friday is no exception.  This Friday, the swearing-in of the new Kayangel State Government is taking place in Kayangel with usual plans for an overnighter.  Many who are attending the event are expected to stay overnight and enjoy the unique festivities offered in Kayangel State.


Aimeliik State Government is celebrating its Constitution Day today and U.S. Government Embassy is celebrating its U.S.A. Fourth of July Independence Day early this July 1st.

In addition, grand opening of the new Cove Resort in Malakal is slated for this Friday evening.

Belau Games sports events are in their finals vying for various medals today.  Hosted by Koror State, this year’s Belau Games is expected to wrap up tomorrow, Saturday.

The regular schedule of funerals, ngasech and other local events will proceed as planned this Friday through the weekend.[/restrict]