Justin Thomas came into the final round of the WGC-Mexico Championship with a chance to win for the fourth time this season, and the opportunity slipped out of his hands at Club de Golf Chapultepec. And, so, too, did Thomas’ club during the round.


Thomas’ drive on the long par-5 11th hole went left off the face and stayed left, prompting Thomas to let go of his driver at the top of his follow-through. The club sailed left (like the drive) before bouncing on the turf and bounding toward the gallery, which was perhaps a little closer than normal in the tight corridors of the Mexico City club. Thomas, noticing where his club was going, somewhat apologetically stepped over toward the fans to retrieve his club.

Of course, Thomas was roasted immediately on Twitter (and probably in living rooms) for the club toss and the results. Comparing the timing of Thomas’ release with the Protracer line that was showed on TV for the tee shot, Thomas’ club looked perfectly in line with the imaginary line in the air — on plane, as is said in golf-teaching parlance.

Thomas’ peers noticed post-round, including Rory McIlroy and Rickie Fowler, and were happy to let their friend enjoy a little ribbing. [/restrict]