Reward sponsor offer to mentor juvenile

March 16, 2017 (Koror, Palau) The person responsible for vandalizing graffiti on the Japan-Palau Friendship Bridge commemorative plaque and the bridge wall has been arrested and taken into custody. A minor under the age of 18, the suspect had confessed his acts to the police after a witness called in information to the police identifying the individual and prompting the police to take him in for questioning. [restrict]

The $500.00 reward has been delivered to the Ministry of Justice for the witness to claim. Reward sponsor, Belau Lotus Air, represented by Kiku Brell commends the witness and the efforts of the Bureau of Public Safety. “We are happy to give the reward. The Japan-Palau Friendship Bridge is a standing physical testimony of the genuine friendship Japan and Palau has. Furthermore, the bridge itself is a piece of national infrastructure that all of the people of Palau use every day. It is vital to the daily operations of businesses such as Belau Lotus Air and vital to the daily lives of all of us. We understand that the perpetrator is very young and our company would be very happy to work with the individual in mentorship so that understanding and respect of property may be gained,” says a company spokesperson.

The Office of the President with the Ministry of Justice wish to thank Belau Lotus Air, the witness, and the Police Officers for their diligent efforts and the Bureau of Public Works for clearing the graffiti on the bridge. [{/restrict]