Caption: Left to Right Top:Instructor of Food and Beverage Didiich Albert, Vice President of Tourism Club Terrilyn, President of Tourism Club Avery Renguul, Treasurer of Tourism Club Kedals, Instructor of Hotel Management and Hospitality Jenelle Blesam, Left to Right Bottom: Treasurer Trendy, Reporter Telbakes, Club Representative Didebed

Palau Tourism and Hospitality School of Excellence Club hosted their very first karaoke fundraiser on November 7 at the PTHSE Building. The purpose of this fundraiser was not only to raise money for the club, but to apply all the things that they learned from their classes such as customer service and making various foods for parties.

Economically, the price range for the event was very reasonable. The ticket was 4 dollars while food and drinks (non-alcoholic) ranged from 1 dollar to 2 dollars and 50 cents at most. Additionally, they also had free finger foods during the event and it was enough for everybody that went.

In terms of their customer service, they were very attentive and made sure that all the customers that went to the event had their orders fulfilled. They even sang songs that the crowd wanted to hear and encouraged everyone to also sing and have fun. The event, which was originally supposed to finish at 9pm ended up going until 10pm because people still wanted to sing and have fun.

The officers of the club credited their teamwork and communication for the success of their karaoke fundraiser and will continue to carry it with them when they host their next fundraiser which is a car wash scheduled for November 16.