With the Northern Reef of Palau continuing to push for sustainable management of their fisheries, enforcement becomes a key focal area. The rangers of both Kayangel and Ngarchelong were engage in a 3 day retreat hosted by the Nature Conservancy.


The retreat was meant to enhance relationships between the rangers and partner agencies, gain a better understanding of the partner agencies role, respective states Marine Resources Management Regulations, the overall progress of the Northern Reef Fisheries Management Project, and to build teamwork and improve communications.

Presentations by the partner agencies such as Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC), Division of Fish and Wildlife, Protected Area Network (PAN), and Palau Conservation Society (PCS) gave the rangers a better understanding of the NRFM project and enhanced their knowledge.

Both directors of Kayangel and Ngarchelong rangers agreed that that retreat should be recurrent activity and that it is an excellent opportunity for their rangers to learn new things and sharpen their skills. [/restrict]