BRUSSELS, 26 JUNE 2017 (UNDERCURRENT NEWS)—The European Union (EU) has approved Kiribati as an EU competent authority, Pacifical said.

Pacifical is now able to offer skipjack and yellowfin tuna to European partners from Kiribati-flagged fishing vessels and Kiribati processing facilities, allowing Pacifical’s EU clients to buy sustainable MSC certified tuna at zero percent duty.


“This is something we have been longing to offer to the European market for quite some time, as Kiribati has one of the most tuna-rich Exclusive Economic Zones in the Parties to the Nauru Agreement region,” a statement said.

Kiribati was previously handed a yellow card warning on IUU from the EU, and has since then been cooperating closely with the European Union in order to implement procedures and regulations that battle and prevent many EU concerns over potential IUU fishing, transshipment checks and landings, as well as VDS transparency.

“We are very happy to see that progress being made by the country has been recognized by the EU,” it said  …PACNEWS [/restrict]