TARAWA, 20 DECEMBER 2019 — The Kiribati Police Service (KPS) is concerned with the use of illegal drugs after cocaine and marijuana were recently found in the Line Islands.

A report from KPS said illicit drugs are already in the country and young people are probably using it.

KPS said what was believed to be a cocaine package, weighing 1.5kg and a package containing marijuana weighing more than 3kg were found and now sent and kept at the Kiribati Police Headquarters in Betio.

Police have called on the public to report information related to suspected drug use and possession.

In another development, the KPS Crime and Investigation Unit (CID) is conducting an investigation into the arrival of an unlicensed Norita 0.77 Calibre air rifle.

The rifle was transported illegally from New Zealand in a shipping container.

The police said the rifle had been used for hunting and sport. It has not been used in Kiribati and is being kept at Police headquarters…. (PACNEWS)