Once again, Mr. Kmedrang Cameron Sengebau returns to the Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) this summer as an intern. Mr. Sengebau had previously interned at the Center in Summer of 2015 under the Research and Aquarium Department. For this summer, he will work in the aquarium under the supervision of Chief Aquarist, Mr. Asap Bukurrou. He will also be working with fellow aquarists Mr. Vicente Abedneko and Mr. Harlen Herman.


When asked why he decided to come back to PICRC, he explains that his last internship was very fun, educational, and the staff were very friendly towards him. Because of this, he was able to learn much from the Center, especially from the aquarists. He adds that he liked coming back because his “office” was outdoors in the aquarium with the exhibits, or in the ocean.

Mr. Sengebau attends Xavier High School in Chuuk, FSM and will be a senior when school begins after the summer. As part of his school requirements, Mr. Sengebau must complete at least 160 hours of community service during the summer. He began his internship on July 12 and is expected to finish on August 8.

While at the Center, KC will help the aquarists take care of the marine organisms in the aquariums by feeding them as well as helping to maintain and clean the tanks. He is especially excited that he is able to swim with the shark that is housed in one of the tanks.

In his spare time, KC enjoys drawing, playing basketball, and especially loves to go out fishing with his father and uncles. He remembers visiting the Center and the Palau Aquarium in grade school at Maris Stella school. He also is the nephew of Mr. David Idip Jr. who was a former PICRC researcher at the time, and he would often come visit him and observe him at work.

His everyday tasks at the aquarium not only has taught him how to maintain the aquarium species, it has also taught him about how he can apply what he’s learned in the aquarium and apply it to the way he treats the ocean and his surroundings. Because of his interests in fishing and his experience at the Palau Aquarium, Mr. Sengebau has decided that he wants to further his knowledge and understanding about the different types of marine species and ecosystems by furthering his education in Marine Science when he enters College.

PICRC is happy to continue to host and support students who have a passion and interest in marine conservation efforts in Palau and the region. [/restrict]