More surprises await the participants of this year’s KONQER in Palau but to get a better idea of this year’s biggest obstacle race event in the country, one should review a little bit of history as organizers revealed that the event will be based on the story of how the Yapese obtained their famous stone money.

KONQER Chief Experience Officer Kaz Endo, during the media briefing yesterday, said that they don’t want to be stuck with war themes so they opted to delve further into history and decided to re-live the early historical ties of Yap and Palau.

During the race, participants will play the role of Yapese foot soldier in their adventure of mining the famous stone money from Palau.

“We recreate our fictional version of that period where all the contestants will be playing the role of a Yap foot soldier,” Endo said.

Yap is known for its large stone money which is locally called as Rai. These stone money, according to historical data, had been mined by Yapese from Palau as early as 500 CE but the widespread mining was dated between the period of 1000-1400 CE.

As of yesterday, KONQER participants had already reached more than 375, surpassing last year’s number which was only noted at around 350. This is still expected to increase as the registration is still on-going

Last night, 50 participants represented by team captains and other participating members showed up at the event briefing held at the Belau National Museum.

Endo also said that this year’s setup is going to be more spectator-friendly as they have also prepared viewing areas for the spectators.

Aside from enjoying the participants battle it out on the obstacle area, audience will also enjoy raffle prizes.

KONQER Palau is slated on October 6 for the K8 and October 7 for the K9. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)