The annual Konquer Palau event last weekend was deemed as the “best one yet” and highly successful following the number of participants that joined this year.

KONQER chief experience officer Kaz Endo said that the state of Ngchesar and Koror “were wonderful, and truly did a fantastic job in making this year’s event the best one yet.”

“We are extremely happy to see the turn out on both days. Both Ngchesar and Koror, showed us how enthusiastic the community is for the obstacle events, but more importantly how well everyone works together to succeed,” he said.

The Saturday KONQUER, which was held in Ngchesar, had 55 participants who had to hike through the jungles, carry 25-pound bags of sand and cross through streams. The participants also planted trees as part of the obstacle course keeping in line with the mission of the event to include a unique combination of Palau’s rich history and creative eco-racing during the race.

The Sunday event, which was held at Long Island, had 200 participants, where teams participated to scale towering obstacle courses, which is used as team-building exercises. The event also offered a. Completion and Sprints challenge to individuals.

For the first time, a Kids KONQUER sponsored by the US Embassy in Palau was also featured in this year’s event where kids 13 and under have to go through obstacles courses Prior to the course, there was a2.5-kilometer walk to the Long Island event from the Asahi Ballfield.

“I thank all the sponsors and partners involved, including but not limited to, the office of the President, PVA, BANK OF GUAM and the people of Palau. We are looking forward to the event, and hope to be back again soon,” Endo said.

“In addition, I would like to thank the Marianas Visitors Authority for sponsoring airfare and hotel accommodations for our Sprint Male and Female winners. I look forward to seeing them at Konqer Saipan in April or May of this year.”

Konquer was started in Guam in 2015 and expanded its series in the Marianas and the greater Micronesia islands, adding Rota to its roster recently. (B. Carreon)