photo from Palau Visitors Authority

KONQUER Palau returns this weekend for the third and the final chapter of the 2019 Apocalypse Tour.

KONQUER’s Chief Experience Officer Kaz Endo in a press conference on Wednesday said Palau’s year of Environment coincides with the events vision of “wellness through play.”

KONQER first came to Palau in 2017, this will be the second year it is partnering with the Palau Visitors Authority (PVA).

The Saturday KONQUER will be in Ngchesar where the race will be combined with obstacle and role-playing. It brings the race to Ngchesar to continue the unique combination of Palau’s rich history and creative eco-racing.

The organizers also promised water challenges in Ngchesar.  Rumor is that when all teams and individuals complete the event, a team relay and sprint race will commence

The Sunday race will bring the Apocalypse tour to its final chapter. For the obstacle course, solo participants and teams will be the  “survivor” or “zombie.”

The Sunday event, which will be held at Long Island, will also have an obstacle course for 13 and under. Prior to the course, there will be a 2.5-kilometer walk to the Long Island event from the Asahi Ballfield.

Stephanie Nakamura said they are expecting over 100 participants to the event.

Konquer was started in Guam in 2015 and expanded its series in the Marianas and the greater Micronesia islands, adding Rota to its roster recently. (B. Carreon)