Pastor Jeoung Sang Jin and his wife Sylvia Hong conducted the classes. Classes were held at the Korean Culture Mission School at the 3rd Koror Evangelical Church (KEC) every Monday, from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m, classes start on July 18.


There were also tea parties where the class participants sampled different kinds of Korean teas, foods and songs. The Korea class student also learned to cook and enjoyed eating well known Korean dishes like Kimchee and Bibimbap.

They also have a great time working together to prepare Korean dishes and later on sharing the food among themselves.  Onnuri Church team come to Palau on July 25, Korean night culture 6 pm at Koror Evangelical Church English Service room.
The classes were held for free.  For more information pls call 779-3877, 488-1527 and 488-1210.  Student s was only required to buy a Korean language textbook.

Yearly there’s a Korean trip. This year trip will be on Jeju Island on October 27- to Nov 2.  Welcome to Korean class.   [/restrict]