On February 21, 3 new JICA Volunteers arrived in Palau.  Mr. IMAI Kazuo will work for enhancement of maintenance function of power generation facilities at PPUC.  Ms. YAMAZAKI Maki will cooperate to promotion of health through exercise and sports at NCD Unit, Division of Primary and Preventive Health, Bureau of Public Health.  Ms. KOBAYASHI Kaoru will work for capacity building of rehabilitation service at rehabilitation service division, Belau National Hospital.

Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JOCV) Program resumed in October 2021 after a long-term suspension due to the worldwide pandemic.  The total number of JOCVs in Palau has now reached 8. Within this year, the program aims to accelerate the number to more than 20.

The JOCV Program in Palau began in 1997.  Since then, 277 Japanese volunteers (JOCVs) have been dispatched to Palau.  JOCVs have been highly recognized among Palauan people for their contribution to the development of the society and human resource in Palau through their grassroots activities.  There are many Japanese nationals who aspire to contribute to development of the world where there is a great need for JOCVs.

To learn more about this and other JICA Programs, contact the Ministry of State or JICA Palau Office, or visit https://www.jica.go.jp/english or Facebook, JICAPalauOffice.

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