Koror celebrated its 36th Constitutional Day at Long Island Park on October 20.

People of different age groups were present during the event that took place all the way until the night time. Through the efforts of Koror State Government, various booths selling food were present and various activities were conducted to keep the crowd entertained such as tug of war, raffle drawings, and volleyball games with prizes that go along with them.

Koror State Government even did a tribute to the writers of the constitution. Dora Benhart, who works for public relations for Koror State said that “gift bags were made for the framers of the constitution and even though there are some that passed away, their family members will receive their gifts bags on their behalf.”

After that came the dance performances that were a mix of both the traditional and contemporary. A cake was even brought out to commemorate Koror’s special day. When asked to comment about the event, Dora said that “the event was a success, we are happy to celebrate with the community in honor of this special day and honor the framers of the constitution.” (Telbakes Yano)