Koror Elementary School received a new stage and PA system on August 4 from Mr. Peng Zhang President of Blue Whale Corporation and Mr. James Wang General Manager of GT Insurance Company.
PrinicpalMayleenNgiriou mentioned that in the past when KES would do various school events, they would have to borrow a stage from Koror State Government and it would require the help of 30 people to bring as well as set up the stage.
Prior to the donation, Mr. Peng and Mr. James have been wanting to make a donation to the school, but had no idea what to donate at first. However, Post Master Mr. Timothy Sinsak was able to relay the message back to them saying that Koror Elementary School is in need of stage and PA system in which both agreed to make the donation.
CheosRudimch from IA were the contractors for the project and construction went underway at November 2019. The stage was supposed to finish at February 2020, but was delayed due to the impacts of the COVID-19 response.
After the completion of the stage, a turnover ceremony took place at the Koror Elementary School grounds. In attendance were students, teachers, parents, PrinicpalNgiriou, Minister of Education Sinton Soalablai, Post Master Timothy Sinsak, and Contractor CheosRudimch.
Mr. James Wang and Mr. Peng Zhang were supposed to travel to Palau, but due to closure of the borders, they were not able to make it.
Principal Ngiriou said that this stage can be used for the various extra-curricular activities in school and can be utilized for many years to come.

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