Koror Governor Franco B. Gibbons donated 100 sacks of rice to the Division of Correction and 200 sacks of rice to the Ministry of Health on Wednesday, June 17.

The 100 rice sacks given to the Division of Correction will help to feed the 89 inmates who are currently residing in the prison.

Presenting the donation at the Division of Correction were the Director of the Department of Conservation and Law Enforcement Jennifer Olgeriil, Director of the Department of Public Works Leslie Tewid, and Director of the Department Treasury Kevin Chin.

Representing the Ministry of Justice to receive the donations were Chief of Staff Earnest Ongidobel, Director of the Bureau of Public Safety Aloysius Alonz, and Chief of the Division of Corrections Ricky Ngiraked.

Director Alonz voiced his gratitude for how Governor Gibbons is continuously inclusive of every aspect of the Koror communities when giving support.

Later in the day, Governor Gibbons, Director Olgeriil, Director Tewid, and Director Chin presented the 200 rice sacks to the Ministry of Health.

On the receiving end were notable staff from the Ministry of Health, including Director of the Bureau of Health Administration Darnelle Worswick, Dr. Sylvia Osarch, and Minister Dr. Emais Roberts.

The 200 sacks of rice will assist the hospital’s efforts to provide support and assistance to home-bound patients, and assist in supplementing the in-patients’ meals program.

Working closely with Dr. Osarch, the Ministry of Health will distribute the donations to identified persons within the Koror State communities.

“The governor wanted to donate some rice to the bed-ridden patients who need care in times of this COVID-19,” Dr. Osarch said. “The rice will go to those who truly need it, and if there’s still some left we can give it to the rest of the bed-ridden patients. There are some who are well taken care of, while some really need help. We will work on those who truly need it first. We thank the Governor of Koror State and his crew for the donation.”

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