People practicing preventive health measures wearing masks during the installation of Koror State's 12the Government. Photo by kambes kesolei

This week, two states that held their elections late last year installed their new governments.

Governor Eyos Rudimch of Koror State was sworn into office. photo by kambes kesolei

Koror State held its installation on Tuesday, January 11, for both its new governor and legislature.

Governor Sharp Sakuma of Ngaraard State also sworn in. photo by kambes kesolei

Governor Sharp Sakuma of Ngaraard State also sworn in. photo by kambes kesolei

The Legislature was sworn in after they organized with former Chief of Property and Supply Millan Isack as the new Speaker, Uchel Sechewas as the Vice Speaker, and Marie Anderson-Nabeyama as the Floor Leader.

Governor Eyos Rudimch was sworn in by Chief Justice Odiais Ngiraikelau and the symbolic transition of office took place, where former Governor Franco Gibbons handed over a state flag, an adze (chebakl), and a copy of the Koror State Constitution to the new Governor Eyos Rudimch.

Acknowledging the challenges faced due to pandemic impact–loss of tourism revenue, which has been Koror State’s primary revenue source–the newly sworn-in Governor Rudimch announced that the traditionally held inaugural ball will not take place during this administration.  He said that the challenges faced can be overcome if all branches of the new Koror government work together with the national government to weather out the pandemic storm.

Ngaraard State held a swearing-in for its legislature and governor on two separate days, with the new legislature sworn-in on the 11th, while the new Governor took his oath of office on the 12th of January.

The 11th Olbetibel (Ngaraard Legislature) organized with Wilbert Ngirakamerang retaining his position as the Speaker. Ngirakamerang served as the Speaker in the 10th Olbetibel. The first-time legislator and highest vote-getter in the 11th General Election Marcy Andrew became Vice-Speaker, and Legislator Duane Tochi became Floor Leader.

The new Governor Sharp Sakuma was sworn in by Justice Kathleen Salii, and in his inaugural address promised to conduct more town hall meetings, have a more transparent government, and hear directly from their constituents.

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