Koror State Government Department of Conservation and Law Enforcement celebrated Formation and Inspection 2019, a program to inform and update about work that their department has been focusing on to the leaders of Koror such as High Chief Ibedul, Director Jennifer S. Olkeriil and other very special guests behind the program.

The most important part of this event was the awarding of the rangers who have worked so hard this year and during this 4th quarter.   Their work cover the ocean, the environment and as well as handling events such as funerals which have been increasing and have become a very big part of their job.

They awarded rangers and conservation officers based on their day shift commitment, outreach work, face lift program, security guard and many more  jobs that really take time and effort of that person fully.

These officers work hard at their their jobs as well as teach others about it. They have become involved in teaching the youth and participating in schools to talk about what’s going on around the rock islands such as trash washing up on shore, sea level rise, the importance of protecting the animals and how to watch for the right time for certain seasons to catch animals and for nesting.

It was a wonderful event to inspire, honor and report about the work that these people do and the challenges they face. They work for the better of our home and the educate our younger generation.