Young artist Auryn Benhart at the Koror State Art Exhibition

Koror State Government hosted its 2nd Art Exhibition at the Koror State Constitution Hall on Friday March 23rd.
The Art Exhibition showcased the artistic talents of many young local artists, providing them opportunity to express their creative talents. In addition, Exhibition featured a poetry contest from the young talents.
The gallery featured different variety of art styles such as abstract, portraits, and drawings that depicted the culture of Palau done in a wide range of mediums. Auryn Benhart, an artist whose work was featured in the exhibition said that she felt nervous seeing the other arts on display.
She said that seeing artworks from other people motivates her to improve in her own skills as an artist.
Ms. Benhart said that she loved drawing at a young age and would use pencil or charcoal to draw sketches.
Ms. Benhart placed 3rd in the poetry contest for her poem titled “My Culture” the beauty of Palau’s culture.
Placing 1st was Hisaye Nakamura for her poem titled “Water”, Palauans and their connection to the water.
The program was attended by dignitaries such as Koror Governor Franco Gibbons, Senator Topps Sungino, Speaker for 11th Koror State Legislature Alan Marbou, and Ambassador Richelle Turner whom all showed support for the artists and their talents.
The Koror State Government hopes to do more art exhibitions in the future and to hopefully gain support for the arts here in Palau.
Finally the exhibit will be open to the public until Wednesday. People who are interested in checking out the exhibition can go at 7:30am to 8pm.

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