Koror State Capitol

In light of the global COVID-19 outbreak, the Koror State Government has gotten more restrictive each day as it implements additional laws intended to encourage social distancing.

“Although the virus has not arrived, it is better to take measures one step ahead and follow all preventive measures recommended by the MOH,” said the Ministry of Justice Public Information Officer (P.I.O) Jose Ise.

The Koror State Government is cooperating with Koror State Rangers and Bureau of Public Safety to implement restrictions on closed public places as well as recreational areas and facilities. They will also reinforce the KSPL No. K7-164-05(Into as. Bill No. 7-45 HD1), which institutes a curfew on minors below the age of 18.

Members of the community have expressed concerns about minors staying out past curfew and people gathered in hangout areas.

“Definitely! They should report,” said Director Aloysius Alonz encouragingly, when asked if public safety officers would pick up calls after hours about suspicious sightings of minors or small gatherings.

The State has declared that all individuals caught entering restricted public areas and facilities will be considered trespassing.

Meanwhile, the rock islands remain open for visitors, sites including Ngeremdiu, Ngemaus, Ngchelobel, Babelomekang, Kenurbeab, Ngchus, Ulong, Ngereblobang, Jellyfish Lake, and Loulomekang.

In addition to these public area restrictions, Koror State Government has canceled all house parties in the state of Koror and house permits until further notice. The Department of Finance has announced that those affected by these cancellations should collect refunds at their office.