Tikei Kebekol performance as administrator questioned by court

The court, on January 12, granted summary judgment in favor of the Koror State Government in the case of the Estate of George Kebekol vs. Koror State Government and Benedicta Kebekol.

The estate of George Kebekol, in its complaint, had failed to prove a “breach of contract” and “bad faith” by the Koror State Government in its action of signing an amended lease agreement with Benedicta Kebekol, extending the lease payment date for the water rights lease to three years.

In the summary judgment, the court stated that by signing an extended lease agreement, Koror State had confirmed the “Estate’s status as Mr. Kebekol’s successor lessee under the lease.”

Furthermore, it stated that KSG’s action protected its interest in the lease and “effectively cures Estate’s apparent rent-payment default, thereby allowing potential developers to have increased confidence in the Lease’s prospective existence.”

KSG’s action dealing with Benedicta Kebekol was justified, stated the judgment,  as she had been appointed by the cheldecheduch to administer the adjacent Ngerchelngael, “without which the Lease’s value to KSG would be compromised.”

Moreover, Tikei Kebekol, appointed temporary administratrix of the Estate, “appeared willing to allow Estate to continue in default on its January 1, 2022 advance payment obligation until KSG was forced to issue a formal notice of default.”  The court said these circumstances justified KSG’s communication with Benedicta rather than Tikei.

Prior to the summary order, on January 3, the court issued an order to show cause why Tikei Kebekol should not be removed as co-administratrix of the Estate of George Kebekol.

In the order, the court cited several orders that Tikei Kebekol has failed to comply with, particularly relating to her fiduciary responsibility as administratrix.  

“In light of these events and related events of record not repeated here, the Court must consider whether the Estate’s assets might be better protected by making Benedicta the sole administratrix of the estate or appointing a third party to administer the Estate at the Estate’s expense pending resolution of this action.” States court order.

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