Koror State will hold a state funeral in honor of the late Legislator Vann Isaac at the Koror State Government Constitutional Hall on the morning of Saturday, June 6th before the funeral proceeds to Ngerngesang, Ngchesar.

The brief state funeral will be recorded on video, streamed live on PNCC live YouTube Channel and simulcast on PNCC DTV Channel 73, to honor the “Life and Legacy of Legislator Vann B. Isaac.”

Late Legislator Vann Isaac recently passed away during a fishing outing near Ngerchebal island on May 16, 2020.

Young man, at 44 years of age, Mr. Isaac is well-known and popular among his peers and his constituency.  He was serving his second term as the Koror State Legislator representing Ikelau hamlet.  In this capacity, he also served as the Chairman of the Committee on Tourism and as Vice Chairman of Committee on Resources and Development.  Mr. Isaac also served on the Palau Visitors Authority Board, having been reappointed to serve another 2 years this past February.

Legislator Isaac was active in sports, not only as a player but as a coach and as a sponsor over the years.  He was a known member of Belau Force International Softball Team, 1998 Team Palau Basketball in Micro Games, 1999 Team Palau Basketball team in Pacific Games, player and coach for IKELAUANS team in the National Basketball league and sponsor of many other basketball teams.

Late Legislator Vann Isaac served as Special Assistant to President Tommy E. Remengesau Jr. through the first 2 terms of office.

A Koror State resolution honoring late Legislator Vann Isaac said that he was “special; he was strong, wiser than his years and recognized by his peers as a leader.”

Late Legislator Isaac also held a title of Rechebei era Tiabed era Ngerkebesang and is said to have been an “exemplary father to his three children.”

Koror State’s state funeral will start at 7:10am at Koror State Government Constitution Hall and depart at 8:30am to Ngerngesang, Ngchesar for the traditional funeral. (By: L.N. Reklai)