The Koror State Government had signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Guam-based non-profit organization, WestCare, to collaborate on projects for the youth which are slated to happen in July and August.

WestCare Program Coordinator in Palau Tublai Ililau said in an interview with Island Times yesterday that the signed MOU entails two activities for the youth such as cohorts which will start in July and summer camps in August.

According to Ililau, they are eyeing about 250 youths to participate in the event which will be offered free.

In the same interview, Joleen Ngoriakl of the Office of the Governor of Koror State, the one who is tasked to oversee the programs, said that to connect with the youth to inform them of the programs, the Koror State Government is linking up with the network of youth representatives from different hamlets.

β€œThe governor has six major priorities and one of them is to make sure that there are alternative youth programs. This is a step towards that priority, in making sure that not only do we have sports programs that happen regularly but to also have alternative youth programs,” Ngoriakl said.

Youths who are interested to join are encouraged to call up 488-4447 or 488-3133 or also through a message via the Koror State Government Facebook Page. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)