Koror State Capitol

A Koror State legislator said that there is a plan to consult the Coral Reef Research Foundation (CRRF), the organization monitoring the Jellyfish Lake’s condition, regarding the public’s suggestion to limit numbers of tourists allowed to enter the lake due to environmental concerns.

Koror State Legislator Kyonori Tellames, in an interview, said that the concern had been aired by some individuals during the public hearing on the proposed increase on the permit fees for the Rock Islands and Jellyfish Lake tours held on February 20 at the Koror State Constitution Hall.

‘We’re not scientists. So it’s better to get that information from the researchers themselves before we do it,” Tellames said.

According to Tellames, comments acquired from the public hearing will be consolidated and the Committee on Ways and Means, in which he is chairing, will meet to address the concerns raised by the people.

If the legislature finds relevant comments, they will incorporate them to the bill, Tellames explained.

The stingless golden jellyfish population in Palau’s iconic lake vanished after the country suffered from drought in 2016. It was only late last year when the CRRF announced that its population is starting to rebound.