With the bidding process for the construction of a larger recycling center in Koror underway, the Koror State Recycling Center is set to upscale its glass recycling operation.

Koror State Government Solid Waste Management Office (SWMO) Manager Selby P. Etibek said in an interview with Island Times that a larger Glass Craft Center will be part of the upcoming construction of the new Koror State Recycling Center.

As of the present, the center has a small studio where they recycle glass waste, meaning they are melting glass waste in a furnace and crafting them into new glass products so that they could be of value again.

“With this project, we are hoping that we can provide some economic benefits to the local people,” Etibek said, adding that part of their goals is to teach people about the craft which will help them earn cash by transforming the discarded glass materials into arts and selling them to tourists via gift shops.

The construction of the Glass Craft Center, according to Etibek, will be funded by a local fund worth around $400,000.

The approved design of the building was conceptualized by SWMO Consultant and former Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)volunteer Katsuo Fuji.

With the current small studio they have, they are only using one furnace but with the construction of a new facility, they will be able to have two furnaces, one of which is bigger, Etibek said.

Whilst the current studio can only process around 100 pounds of glass waste a day, the expected Glass Craft Center is expected to process 500 pounds of glass waste a day with the combined capacity of the two furnaces and other equipment needed for the process.

According to Etibek, they are currently evaluating proposals submitted by the private construction companies but by the middle of October, they expect its construction to start. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)