The Koror women’s group, Maibrel’s group, and Palau Community College (PCC) agriculture-major students visited the Taiwan Technical Mission (TTM) demonstration farm in Aimeliik State on March 24th, 2017 to learn about farming of vegetables and fruits. One of the TTM’s goals is to promote the concept of “growing your own food” by collaborating with different organizations. The female influence of the Maibrel women’s group and the young spirit of PCC students can both give strength to and elevate the agriculture development in Palau.


The tour includes vegetables and fruits introduction, seedling breeding demonstration, and fruit tasting. By seeing, touching, smelling and tasting of various crops and fruit trees grown on the farm, 37 members from Maibrel’s group and 23 PCC agricultural students enjoyed the field trip. In addition to offering an opportunity for all participants to broaden their agricultural knowledge, TTM also provides opportunity for PCC students to breed their own vegetable seedlings.

TTM has been devoting itself to agricultural developments for more than 30 years in Palau. Currently TTM operates a demonstration farm which opens to public for agricultural training and educational purpose. All agencies, organizations and education institutions interested in farming tour or activities are welcomed to contact TTM at 488-6557 or 544-1012 for more information. [/restrict]