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The Koror State Government animal shelter has gained criticism by former veterinary who worked with the animal shelter and very recently by a current resident of Palau.

Tereza Hudcova who worked with the shelter wrote a letter last year in which alleged that animals were kept in poor conditions.

“I was shocked how animals were treated. All dogs they brought still tranquilized are hosed down, left lying in pool of water and bleach.”

Jim Hanley who is a resident of Palau and works as Chief Public Defender took it to social media and accused the animal shelter of animal abuse.

Hanley witnessed two cardboard full of small puppies left in direct sun with no water while the security guard did nothing about it.

He added that he had to move the dogs himself and give them water.

“I’ve complained several times about that place in the three years I’ve been here. No one cares.” Hanley said.

Island Times visited the shelter to look at the ground reality and found the puppies to be kept in a cage with exposure to heat.

The officials working at the shelter refused to comment on the issue as their superior wasn’t present.

Petmd, a website on animal care, reads “Any hot environment can cause heatstroke in dogs, but the most common cause is a careless action by a pet owner, such as leaving a dog in a car or forgetting to provide water and shade to pets that are outdoors.”

The Palau Animal Welfare Society has been hesitant to comment on the issue as one of the member said that they don’t wish to get in the politics of it. (By Eshan Kalyanikar)