Verna Kyota, Diabetes Coordinator at the Ministry of Health’s Public Health, will be attending JICA’s Knowledge Co-Creation Program for Young Leaders in Japan.

This program targets individuals who will become nation-building leaders in the future. They are invited for 18 days in Japan to develop their specialties through experiencing and learning technologies and skills and increase their willingness to resolve issues on their own.

The course Kyota will participate in is called Lifestyle-Related Diseases Prevention Course. She will acquire basic the knowledge about systems and activities on prevention of lifestyle-related diseases in Japan; exchange information and opinions on prevention; and to formulate the plan to contribute to prevent in their respective countries.

There are 11 participants from Fiji, Micronesia ,Nauru, Palau, Papua New Guinea, and Samoa who will be attending this course.

To learn more about this and other JICA Programs, contact the Ministry of State or JICA Palau Office, or visit (PR)