The Division of Labor, Bureau of Immigration and Labor, is currently going through a process of working to resolve numerous expired work permits for non-resident workers.

The Labor division also reminds the public of the permit requirements and that a nonresident’s work permit provides legal status to a foreigner to stay and work in Palau.

“In this regard, please be reminded that once work permit expire the foreigner loses visa status and may be subject to legal enforcement actions including deportation by the Division of Immigration,” the press statement reads.

The new labor regulation, upon its implementation in mid-April of this year, requires that application to renew work permit will be considered late and will be assessed $25 fine if submitted after expiration date.

The new regulation also mandates that a renewal application may not be considered for approval if it’s over 45 days late.  A foreign worker is allowed to work in Palau to support our resident workforce and must return home if no longer needed.

“We seek employers’ cooperation and support to comply with non-resident work permit renewal guidelines to prevent avoidable Labor and Immigration enforcement actions,” the statement added.

For further inquiries, we can be reached at 488-4331/4332 or email: for assistance. Anyone who is interested can get a copy of the new Division of Labor Rules & Regulations at the Office of Labor for a fee of $5. (PR)