Town Hall Meetings addressing dengue problems and preventive methods in different hamlets are coming to an end this week with last three meeting to be held in Meyuns, Echang and Ngerkebesang.

The meetings in Meyuns will be held at Bai ra Meyunson Wednesday followed by Echang on Thursday at Echang Basketball Court and at Bai ra Ngerkebesang. The timing for all of these meetings is 6pm.

These meetings are held by the Ministry of Health in collaboration with Koror State Government, Sonsoral State Government and Hathobei State Government.

Administrator at Ministry of health Gaafar Uherbelau said, “The turnover has been about 20 people each hamlet.”

Uherbelau said that there is a presentation held at every meeting by the MOH to update the community with the number of cases and to reiterate the 3S for dengue prevention.

However, Uherbelau wasn’t sure if the meetings are being effective within the community but he added that clean ups by the KSG are being impactful.

A community clean will be held on August 31st at Meyuns, Echang and Ngerkebesang and the details of it will be discussed in the meetings.

Uherbelau added that EQPB permit form to burn trash will be given to people during the meeting.

The highest dengue infected nationality are Palauans with 413 cases out of 486 cases up till now which makes 85% of it, according to the demographics released by MOH.

The highest number of dengue cases were recorded in Koror with a total of 516 cases up till now. The month of July saw 143 dengue cases out of which 107 were recorded in Koror.

The total number of cases in Airai up till now is 38, 29 in Aimelik, 11 in Melekeok, 7 in Ngaremlengui and Ngatpang, 5 in Peleliu and Ngarchelong, 2 in Ngchesar, 3 in Ngaraard and 1 in Ngardmau. (By Eshan Kalyanikar)