An MOH press release from last year of a suspected covid case is being sent around with a red circle on the date March 16 20 causing confusion and fear as people assume the date to be this year.
This information is being shared on messenger through individuals and groups causing people anxiety and questions.
The press specifically specifies that 5:30pm on March 30 last year that there was a confirmed suspected case of a patient who traveled to Palau on March 16 2020.
Palau Media Council had just finished a workshop on Covid challenges and how to identify misinformation, disinformation and mal-information on social media.
The press being sent with a red circle on the date quickly attracts attention to that part of the press release causing some to overlook the date of when this issue was released.
Information shared around like this gives the impression that it is intended to cause harm. This may cause others without access to technology of any kind to be alarmed and stir up unnecessary panic and anxiety within the community.
Palau’s first “travel bubble” with Taiwan is set to arrive on Thursday April 1st and the circulation of last year’s press release on PIU seemed intended to create fear and anxiety in the community.

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