As the Koror State will celebrate its 35th Constitution Day on October 21, a state law and executive order are also going to be signed on the same day to back the new official seal design proposed for the state.

The new seal design is proposed to show three Bai(s), a traditional men’s meeting house, instead of the current two Bai(s).

Koror State Government Chief of Staff Joleen Ngoriakl told Island Times via phone interview that a state law and executive order is going to back the suggested changes and these are going to take effect on October 21.

The suggested new seal design is deemed important as it will show that each three branches of the Koror state government will be represented.

Discussions about further details that are going to be added on the official seal, however, are still going on.

A new name for the Koror State Assembly Hall is also going to be announced during the celebration of Koror State’s Constitution Day, Ngoriakl said.

It was previously reported that discussions about the changes for the seal was first brought up during the Koror State leaders’ meeting in May which was said to be the first of its kind after about two decades. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)