LeBron is in favor of the Cavs bringing in anyone that can help them win

Wanting to fulfill LeBron James’ request to add a play-maker off the bench, the Cavaliers are bringing in a fearsome foursome of Kirk Hinrich, Jordan Farmar, Lance Stephenson and Mario Chalmers for a work out to determine who will fill the vacant position. All four could be solid additions yet perhaps Chalmers and Stephenson are probably better fits. Of course, the one problem with Stephenson is his antagonistic history with James.


But despite what happened between James and Stephenson three years ago in the 2014 playoffs, the Cavs superstar has no problem with Cleveland possibly signing the versatile guard.

“I just want to win, man,” James said at shootaround on Wednesday. “That’s all that matters to me. I got no personal problems with nobody.”

You can understand why James isn’t worried about his past history with Stephenson. James is leading the league in minutes played and the Cavs have struggled as of late, going 4-6 in their last 10 games. If the Cavs can bring in someone like Stephenson, that provide play-making off the bench and help reduce James’ minutes, that would be quite beneficial for Cleveland.

James did however, acknowledge his background with Stephenson but also said he has a history with all of the players the Cavs are bringing in either as a teammate (Chalmers) or as an opponent (Hinrich and Farmer).

For James, winning is more important than anything else. Even more so than Stephenson’s pesky antics from three years. [/restrict]