Every Tuesday and Thursday morning at the Belau National Museum, you will find a group of energetic young people learning the contemporary dances of Palau. This popular class, taught by Cesca Morei Misech, goes for 8 weeks and ends July 20.   When the class is over, the group will perform for the public at the Koror Friday Night Market.  The students dance to fun favorites, such as the original local songs by Roland Tangelbad.


Dance is not only for the purpose of entertainment, but also is an expression of our culture.  There is no other dance like Palauan dance!  Dance is also good exercise, teaches coordination, Palauan language, and provides an experience of working together in a group and learning to get along with others.  Dance is much better for children than staying home watching TV or looking at the iPad!! So get up, get out and MOVE!!

The Belau National Museum will also be offering two art programs this summer taught by Margo Vitarelli.  Mark your calendar:

June 26-30- Children’s Art Class (ages 7 and up) -learn painting, pottery & more

July 3-7 – Adult Art Class (Age 16 and up) -learn to make greeting cards and storyboard rubbings.  Sign up soon by calling the Museum at 488-2265. [/restrict]