The new Director of the Bureau of Public Safety, Cary Levitre accompanied the National Security Coordinator, Jennifer Anson, to attend the International Conference for Senior Security/Intelligence Officials of the Pacific Island Countries from May 10 to 12 in Japan. Mr. Levitre was expected to return last night from the trip. 

The United States government fully paid for the trip.

Mr. Levitre told members of the media last week that he would be interviewed this week, and he will answer questions raised about his credentials and his college degree. 

The questions regarding his credentials were raised when the school cited in his resume appeared to be an online university owned by a Pakistani citizen, registered on the island of Nevis in the Caribbean with an office in Boise, Idaho.  Information about the school revealed that the school sold degrees and was considered “illegitimate,” and was not accepted in many states, including Texas, for employment.

During a meeting with President Whipps last week, the question was posed directly to Mr. Levitre to clarify. Mr. Levitre said that he will be interviewed this week and will answer the questions raised about the credibility of his credentials.

Before the hiring of Mr. Levitre, Vice President Senior had reported that the minimum requirement for a chief in the Bureau of Public Safety was a bachelor’s degree, and only 2 out of 7 directors have college degrees.  In addition, the culture of doing favors amongst the directors within BPS has created inefficiencies and failures in the system and, therefore, a need to hire someone outside the system.

Ms. Anson, the National Security Advisor, vouched for Mr. Levitre, saying that he has been vetted by the FBI and received clearance from the US military.  Ms. Anson added that she had initially planned to hire Mr. Levitre as an advisor to the Palau National Security Office before recommending him to the Bureau of Public Safety.

With a college degree as one of the basic requirements for directors, the question regarding the legitimacy of Levitre’s prior education will persist until proven otherwise.

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