The lifeline subsidy program is intended to assist low income households pay their monthly utility bills including power, water and wastewater (sewer). Eligible customers are subsidized for their first 150 kWh and first 5,000 gallons per month. As of April 2020, a total of 120 customers are benefiting from this program, 89 for electric power and 31 for water/wastewater. The remaining balance or unearned subsidy as of April 2020 is $300,926.24. With the recent Coronavirus Relief One-Stop-Shop (CROSS), the existing subsidy program is now open to employees who have been affected by the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Employment housing and barracks are now eligible for this assistance.

PPUC continues to encourage the public to apply and take advantage of this government assistance. Eligibility, requirements, and application process are as follows:


 The total annual household income equals to or less than $11,744 or $2,936 per household member.

 Current or primary household members must have been member of the household (resided/lived) for at least one year

Application Requirements:

  1. Customer obtains application at Bureau of Budget and Planning
  2. Notify Bureau of Budget and Planning within 30-days for any changes of eligibility status

– Change in employment status for any household member

– Change in the number of household members

– Change in income for any of the household member

– Change of address if applicant has moved out of the house/apartment

Application Processing:

 Bureau of Budget and Planning receives application and approves eligibility

 Bureau of Budget and Planning forwards approved applications to PPUC Business Office

 PPUC Business Office receives application, confirms account information, prepare request for account adjustment, and forward to Billing Section for processing.

Applications available at the Bureau of Budget and Planning, PPUC Customer Service and online at

Palau Public Utilities Corporation