Thafaas Sonsorol State Men’s Association, with the Bureau of Historical and Cultural Preservation Office, is working to teach and document traditional canoe carving practices by implementing a 3-5 month project known as the project for “Reviving Traditional Canoe Building Practices of Sonsorol”.

To start off the project, both parties arranged a courtesy meet and greet on the 22nd of March, 2021 to discuss the project overview as well as to share the canoe building spirit of our ancestors who navigated the Pacific Ocean on canoes that were built using traditional knowledge, tools, and materials.

“This is the first time our Bureau has been given an opportunity to fund a canoe building project…We are very pleased and excited to work with this local organization to document the canoe building process and to see the project become a success” states Director Sunny Ngirmang as she addressed those in attendance at the meeting. Sonsorol State Delegate Yutaka Gibbons Jr. stated that the project “will help us reconnect with our traditional practices and give the younger generation a chance to learn and be proud of their cultural identity.” This project is approved and funded by U.S. Historic Preservation Fund grant through the National Park Service, Department of the Interior, USA.Local Canoe Building Project

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