Sometimes the brightest light is found in total darkness.  – Unknown

Loosies are cigarettes sold in single stick rather than in a pack.  I guess for those who need a quick fix or something…a deceiving trick to quick smoking.  LOL


I saw a movie called “Loosies.”  Bobby, in a bar, asked the bartender if they sold loosies.  Bartender’s  name happened to be Lucy.  It’s a cute little story with a big meaning because of a homonym.  (words having the same sound and often the same spelling but differing in meaning).  Was it a coincidence?  I think not.  Nothing is by chance.

Bobby’s father died and left a half a million dollar gambling debt.  He pickpocket to pay his father’s debt, but lied to his mother that he was in some stock market business.  Anyway, Bobby left while she was sleeping. Lucy, a girl from Texas, found out later that she was pregnant.  On one of his excursion of pickpocketing, she ran into him in the street.  She told him about the baby and accused him of not even remembering her name.  He offered to pay for the abortion.  Next day, they went to the clinic together.  While there filling out forms, he began to have second thoughts about what they were about to do. She was upset for many good reasons. They began to argue when he saw the cops, who had been after him for stealing an officer’s badge.  He told Lucy to trust him and to run for their lives.  They ended up in his mother’s fiance’s house.

To make the long story short, Bobby’s mom asked them to stay for dinner.  After dinner, Lucy felt sick that made Bobby worry that she was in some kind of a labor.  She glared at him, “I’m not in labor, you moron, I’m only three months pregnant.”  Bobby’s mother fainted.  Lucy was in pain.

In the next scene, Bobby was sitting at his mom’s hospital bed talking with her as they watched Lucy sleep in the next bed.  Mother asked, “Why didn’t you tell me she was pregnant?”

“I didn’t want to worry you.”

“How did you feel when Lucy said she was leaving tomorrow?”


“How did you feel when we were in the ambulance.”

Bobby sighed.

“Sometimes it take losing someone to make us recognize love.”

Mother and son laughed softly referring to Dr. Phil (TV show).  Later when his mother left he admitted to Lucy that he never forgot her name.  It was a lovely story of love that conquered fear.  He stopped stealing, stopped smoking loosies – gave Lucy a diamond ring… the ending is predictable.

What moved me is Bobby’s willingness to admit fear.  Love drives away fear.  When we know we’re loved, we are free to love without fear of not being loved in return.  Our Father carries the wounded near to His heart.  He relieves the fatherless and widows.   He will not break a bruised reed (damaged/wounded heart).

We need to fill our hearts with true love so we can love the unlovely, the Lucy’s and Bobby’s in our path.  [/restrict]