February 10, 2017 (Koror, Palau) Vice Steven, an inmate of Koror Jail under the Ngara Ubeng program, was found yesterday morning after a whole night of being lost in the jungle of Babeldaob.

Mr. Vice Steven, a young man sentenced to Koror Jail, under a court release order can participate in a supervised program under the Ngara Ubeng  (a rehabilitation program for troubled youths) from 6am to 6pm.


According to sources from BPS, Mr. Steven was taken out of jail on Wednesday morning for a wood cutting project near Ngardmau.  By 6:30pm on Wednesday night, he had not returned to jail. During the investigation, it was revealed that Mr. Steven had gone into the jungle and had not returned.  Information was also given that Mr. Steven had called with a cell phone saying that he was lost and cannot find his way back.  He was informed to remain where he was and wait for search in the morning as it was already night time.

Search commenced yesterday morning but according sources, Mr. Steven had walked out of the jungle to the Compact Road by himself and was picked up police officers.

Except for feeling weak and dehydrated, he was ok and was returned to jail.

Attempt to contact Mr. Vierra Toribiong of NgaraUbeng for more informationwas not successful prior to print. [/restrict]