Koror and Airai continue to be on Stage 2 Mandatory Water Rationing according to latest release from National Emergency Committee. Water is turned off for 8 hours (9pm to 5am) daily until further notice from NEC.

On March 30th, the report states that water at Ngerimel Dam was at 9.3 feet or 40% of its normal capacity whereas Ngerikiil Dam was at 8 feet or still at 100% capacity bringing a combined capacity of the two water sources to 70%, triggering Stage 2 Drought Management Action.

Photos of Ngerimel Dam on March 30th of this year compared to March 14th of 2016 during the drought shows that there‚Äôs more water than during the height of the 2016 drought but not too much difference.  Normally the dam is at 23 feet but as NEC reported, as of March 30 it was at 9 feet, 40% of its normal capacity.

Palau National Weather Station does not report a possible drought but does report that months of April to May are normally dry months for Palau with rains expected thereafter.  Continued water conservation practices is urged throughout Koror and Airai as well as other States. (L.N. Reklai/Editor)