Papua New Guinea and China will be working in partnership to eliminate Malaria in PNG.

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill made this announcement during the official opening of the International Conventional Center in Port Moresby.

His speech was read by Minister for Sports and National Events Justin Tkatchenko.


“Working with China, and in particular the province of Guanzouch, we will be launching a programme to eliminate Malaria province-by-province in our country.”

O’Neill said Malaria is one of the most common diseases affecting the majority of our rural people, as well as the disadvantaged in our urban areas.

“The disease has its worst impact on our children and young mothers.”

He added that malaria affects growth and learning in next generation and undermines economic productivity and places a huge burden on the healthcare budget.

O’Neill said through the partnership with China, PNG aim to reduce malaria incidence in project areas by 95 percent.

“Working together, we will deliver the Papua New Guinea ‘Malaria Elimination Action Plan’ over three years.”

As part of the programme, China will assist with resources and will train and build technical capacity in PNG for malarial control and elimination.

He said medication will be rolled out in targeted areas using Arte-quick.

Arte-quick is the fourth generation anti-malarial compound that has proven effective in other locations.

O’Neill said China has proven success in eliminating malaria in parts of Africa and Asia where this programme has been active.

He further thanked China for its commitment to the health of the people of PNG and the delivery of the programme. SOURCE: LOOP PNG/PACNEWS [/restrict]