File Photo: Eshan Kalyanikar

An incident occurred in mid-May at KB tours Ngermid where a foreign national was allegedly threatening people with a machete. The Ministry of Justice officials failed to provide further details and repeated the police blotter instead.

The accused Aries B. Balajodia is a Filipino national who allegedly threatened the victims with a machete on the afternoon of May 14 at KB tours. He was charged for Terroristic Threatening in the first degree on the same day.

As the Chief of Staff of the Vice President Earnest Ongidobel, who is acting as Public Information Officer, did not provide further details or the number of victims, the Island Times did its own investigation and met with the accused at KB tours Ngirmid.

In the side roads of Ngermid, KB tours often goes unnoticed as there is no signboard of the establishment visible to the passerby. In the course of the Island Times investigation, Balajodia was found at the establishment on Thursday morning.

Balajodia denied knowledge of the incident and acted puzzled at the start but when insisted, he recalled the mishap and admitted to the Island Times that he was the accused.

He said that that he did not intend to act in a disorderly fashion and that it was a drunken mistake.

Balajodia claimed that on the day before the incident he heard his two Bangladeshi colleagues talking in their language while he was around and mistook it for them making fun of him.

According to Balajodia, he then got intoxicated on alcohol at his friends house on the morning of the incident and returned back to KB tours where he encountered his Bangladeshi colleagues.

He then said that due to the effect of alcohol in his body, he picked up a machete kept at KB tours and threatened the Bangladeshi nationals.

Balajodia then passed out without taking the issue to an extent of physical harm. He also added that it was then that the Bangladeshi nationals approached the police.

The police, according the Balajodia, let him go with a warning and confiscated the machete.

However, Ongidobel said, “The case has[been] compiled and prepared to be forwarded to the Attorney General’s Office for proper action before the courts.”  (By Eshan Kalyanikar)