By Francis Talasasa, Reporter

A man, Maynard Armendi Sabio faces charges of withdrawing money from Thomas B. Obak’s bank account on June 2016 without Obak’s permission.


A police of  the Bureau of Public Safety, Officer Recheked provided a statement in court that the accused Maynard Armendi Sabio obtained a credit card and personal identification number (PIN) of Thomas B. Obak without his knowledge or permission.

The statement said the accused went on to withdraw $606.00 from the victim’s bank account without his knowledge or permission.

During a review of the ATM video camera from the bank of Hawaii, Maynard Armendi Sabio was identified as a possible suspect.

In court, Sabio was provided his advice of rights and waived his rights and admitted to stealing the credit card and PIN of Thomas B. Obak. He further admitted of withdrawing money from Thomas B. Obak’s account without his permission and knowledge.

Maynard Armendi Sabio was handed one count of theft in the second degree.  The offense is classified as a class C felony, punishable by 1 to 5 years imprisonment and an optional fine of up to $10,000.     [/restrict]