A man was charged twice on the same day on January 6, 2020 for the 5 crimes committed within the last three years. He is being charged for the committed crimes on the dates of October 8, 2017; December 12, 2017; April 6, 2018 and a separate case on August 5, 2019.

His most recent charge was for August 15, 2019, where the man, Rusky Remoket committed theft of property of a rental car and failure to return a rental motor vehicle

On the date of August 15, 2019, Rusky Remoket attempted to sell a rental car, belonging to LM Rent a car, to Jiaul haque Bhyan. Jiaul Bhyan had reportedly given Remoket $1,000 for an Orange Murano and in their agreement to pay the additional $400 later. Jiaul Bhyan later found out that the vehicle was a rental from LM Rent a Car. Mr. Remoket was arrested on August 26, 2019 later confirming that he owes the rental company at least $500.

Mr. Remoket was charged with theft in the second degree which is punishable with up to 5 years imprisonment and with a fine of up to $10,000 dollars. He also charged with failure to return a rental motor vehicle within 48 hours which carries up to 1-year imprisonment and a fine $1,000.

His second criminal case, he was charged for trafficking a controlled substance. On October 8, The NEA arranged a team from their office using a confidential informant (CI) to purchase the controlled substance from Mr. Remoket.

The NEA waited a call from the CI whom just had been contacted by Ayken Uehara offering to sell the CI methamphetamine. The CI recorded the conversation between him and Mr. Uehara, where he informed him that Rusky Remoket was out making deliveries.

Mr. Uehara told the CI that Mr. Remoket would be driving a silver Demio. The CI was then dropped off at agreed location where he made the buy. Upon presenting his purchase, he showed a clear plastic straw sealed on both ends containing crystalline meth.

The Nea did this two more times. One on December 12, 2017 where the purchase took place at moonlight restaurant and again on April 6, 2018 where the CI was observed by NEA when he entered the car of Rusky Remoket and made the purchase. Each purchase was $100 worth of meth and all were brought in for testing by NEA. The Court issued a warrant for Rusky Remoket’s arrest.

He was charge with trafficking a controlled substance on dates of October 8, 2017, December 12, 2017, and April 6, 2018 in violation of 17 PNC 3301(a)(1). (Kerdeu Uong)