A 39-year old male, was found dead in an isolation room in Koror jail on Wednesday morning, September 22nd.   Buck Miller, who was brought into custody early morning of Wednesday by Patrol Officers, was found around 10:37 am that morning deceased.

According to report from the Bureau of Public Safety, his body was found in a crouched position, his shorts half-way down his legs and with his hands near his mouth, with brownish colored fluids coming out of his mouth and on the floor.

He was brought to hospital and the report said that Detectives at Emergency Room did not see obvious signs of injuries on his body.

The report said Patrol Officers brought him in for an incident but it was not stated what the incident was.

According to sources, it is normal for persons brought in to custody to be placed in isolation, especially if they come in intoxicated and if associated with others, may cause a fight.  Furthermore, there are cameras installed within the jail area. 

Initial report from Criminal Investigation Division (CID) said that the case is under investigation.  This is one of many number of cases involving incidents and death under investigation.

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