Spot Image. Photo by Eshan Kalyanikar 

A man sustained injuries and was admitted at the Belau National Hospital after his car and house were on fire at Meyuns on Friday.

Island Times did its own investigation and was told by one of the residents in the area that name of the man was Jerome. However, the last name remains unknown.

To find out more details about the incident, Island Times approached the Chief of the Division of Fire who refused to reveal any information other than the fire being doused.

However, he added that the case is with the Criminal Investigation Division (CID).

Island Times continued to pursue the case by approaching the CID for comments but the CID failed to provide information as well.

The information was not provided by the CID on the basis that only Bureau of Public Safety (BPS) Director Aloysius Alonz or Special Assistant to the Ministry of Justice Keiden Kintol are supposed to talk to the media.

Kintol, however, said that he could not provide the basic information of the case as the person assigned to write the police blotter was not available.

According to Kintol, to access information in Palau about current events the media has to send him set of questions which he will send to the chiefs of concerned departments and then provide the information to the media if any.

Kintol added that the information about current medical condition of patient can only be acquired through the hospital. (By Eshan Kalyanikar)