The jury trial of a man charged with Labor trafficking, exploitation of the trafficked victims, and promotion of prostitution is set on June 10.

Benito Obak directly profited from two trafficked victims forced to work in the sex trade by his wife Yuqin Xiao, according to the statements made under oath by Detective Norman Bintorio of Anti-Human Trafficking Office (AHTO).

The detective determined that Obak was the owner of the establishment after obtaining the documents from Division of Labor which were signed by Obak as an employer.

Based on the statements made by the detective under oath,the Xiao-Obak duo ran a massage parlor in Koror which was tracked down by the officials after an unknown caller on 1st of August 2018 called AHTO stating that two female Chinese nationals working in the establishment need help.

The events further escalated as the two Chinese nationals walked into the AHTO to file a complaint. One of the complainant arrived in Palau in 2015 while the other arrived in 2014. Both of them believed Xiao to be the sole owner and had never met Obak.

Xiao reportedly asked them to engage in sex work for more money and threatened to terminate their work permit if they refused.

“Xiao threatened to hurt them here in Palau and do something bad to them and their families in China.” Read the statement made under oath by detective Bintorio.

(Eshan Kalyanikar)