A man pleaded not guilty to the charges of Murder in the Second Degree for the death of a young man whom he allegedly struck with a concrete block several times at the parking lot of a store in Ngerkesoaul on late evening of January 25.

The remand order issued by Associate Justice Kathleen Salii dated January 28 revealed that the court set a cash bail of $1,000 for defendant Riley Ngiraremiang.

Ngiraremiang faced the murder complaint following the death of victim McClain Omdasu Isidoro whom he allegedly hammered to death with a concrete block at the Lurs Store parking lot in Ngerkesoaul.

Based on the affidavit of probable cause, responding police officer found the victim already lying unconscious at the parking lot of the store.

A police investigation revealed that defendant Ngiraremiang and victim Isidoro were drinking alcohol with friends near the PIDC Warehouse prior to the incident when a heated argument ensued later between them.

It was found that after the rest of their friends left to call it a night, the defendant and victim, together with another friend, remained in the area until the victim allegedly teased the defendant which provoked the latter to anger.

While walking to the store, the victim, while in possession of a five-foot stick, allegedly continued to tease the defendant. The defendant then went to the back of the store to find a concrete block.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, the defendant told the investigator that he thought that the victim would hit him with a stick so he allegedly struck the victim with the concrete block. The impact of the alleged attack knocked the victim down but the defendant allegedly continued to struck the victim with the concrete block several times in the different parts of his body which resulted into his death.

The defendant, upon realizing that the victim was no longer breathing, immediately left the scene to go home. The defendant also allegedly told the police that when he arrived home, he was still angry so he took a machete and hammer and walked back to the store to look for the victim but when he reached the scene, the body of the deceased was no longer there.

Ngiraremiang was soon seized by police officers after receiving a report from an individual that the defendant was in possession of a machete and a hammer near the Topside Mobil Station. The defendant allegedly tried to evade police arrest to no avail. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)