The sophomore students of Mindszenty High School (MHS) took their Mandarin class at Taiwan Technical Mission (TTM) demonstration farm in Aimeliik on March 17th, 2017 and enjoyed learning Mandarin by gaining knowledge of various vegetables and fruits. In addition to motivating the students to learn Mandarin with interest, the class was also intended to raise awareness of healthy diet among high school students. The class was arranged by Hua-Hsin HSU, Mandarin teacher at MHS and Palau Community College (PCC), and Jamie CHEN, Agricultural Specialist at TTM.


The class started with an introduction to vegetables and fruits, followed by a tour at the farm, and fruit tasting. By seeing, touching, smelling and tasting of vegetables and fruits, the students were intrigued to learn about agriculture in Mandarin.

Since its establishment in the state of Aimeliik in 1984, TTM has been dedicated to assisting agricultural development and education in Palau. The Mandarin class was first taught at PCC more than 10 years ago, and later was extended to MHS and Palau High School (PHS). Both TTM and Mandarin classes are funded by Taiwan International Cooperation and Development Fund (Taiwan ICDF), a Taiwanese foreign aid agency in collaboration with the Taiwan Embassy in Palau. [/restrict]