Palau marine law enforcers on board the PSS Kedam, a huge patrol vessel donated by the Nippon Foundation, transported a three-month pregnant woman from Sonsorol to Koror on April 22.

Palau’s new Japanese Coast Guard Adviser Lieutenant Commander Toshiaki Tomita, who was with the Palau marine law enforcers on his first marine surveillance in the island on April 18 to 23, told Island Times in an interview yesterday, April 23, that the pregnant woman complained to have abdominal pain, hence, urging for her transportation to Koror.

The woman, together with her child and husband, is now at the Belau National Hospital, according to Tomita.

Sonsorol is an island in the Southwest part of Palau. There is no existing medical clinic and hospital in the island. There is, however, a resident nurse deployed in the area.

Inhabitants from the outlying island had to trek the sea via boat to Koror, the island’s center of commerce, to get supplies and get medical assistance.

“This is the first time for PSS Kedam to have engaged in such a rescue mission after arriving in Palau this February,” a press statement furnished to Island Times reads.

Tomita said that the experience he had with the Kedam crew was great.

“And this time, I found that the islander’s life faces many difficulties. I hope she (pregnant woman) [will] give birth to a healthy baby,” Tomita said. (Rhealyn C. Pojas/Reporter)